Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sorry for not being on in forever. I have drawn plenty of new pictures. This one being my newest. I’m not uploading my other’s because I’m lazy, but you can view them here.
Just some practice. I know I could’ve done better on this, but I guess I was just being lazy. Anyways, I’ve made a little story for this picture.
The girl’s father, Cees (meaning kingly, powerful; or, horn of the sun), was a scientist trying to make the world a better place through technology. When the girl, Hannes (meaning Jehovah’s gift, or grace), was just four years old her family got in a car accident. Hannes parents were okay, but she had taken a serious injury to the head. She could no longer control her body, but she could still think. Cees was desperate, and believing that no person’s mind should go to waste, created a digital world. Cees connected Hannes to the HANNESX97 machine which allowed her to control her digital self in the computer.Hannes is now thirteen, and Cees is still working on the HANNESX97’s digital world to make it a better place for Hannes. He didn’t want her to be lonely so he created the Katu. They are friendly creatures all with a different personality so Hannes would never get bored. Hannes mother writes to her a lot. She home schools Hannes through the machine. Cees plans on finishing the machine by 2015 and hopes to make it available to people just like Hannes.
So yeah… I hope you like it.

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